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How can I be sure I will get a good system?
A good lawn sprinkler system is one flexible enough for your watering needs: it will put the right amount of water in each area and it will keep operating year after year with minimal maintenance.

How can I tell if I have enough water pressure to have a sprinkler system installed?
Your professional contractor will do a pressure test and design the system to insure your sprinklers will operate at optimal pressure. Should a larger water meter or pump be required your contractor will advise you ahead of time about the specific details involving the installation of them.

Do I have to have a backflow device?
Lawn sprinkler systems, as they are directly connected to your city water supply must meet local codes regarding backflow devices. These devices prevent water from being siphoned back into the water supply


What is low-voltage lighting?
Low-voltage lighting is the reduction of a home's 120 (high-voltage) electricity to 12 volts through the use of a transformer

What are some attributes of low-voltage (12 volt) lighting?
It is safe from electrocution, economical, flexible in location of fixtures and effective in providing safety, security and beauty for your property.

What are the components of a low-voltage lighting system?
There are four components: lamps, fixtures, transformers and cable.

Which component is the most important?
Then lamps are the most important. They provide the effects to be seen.